The King Is Coming Prophecy seminar



White Rock Banquet Hall:

2311 Lakeland Drive, Dallas, TX 75228


  1. Sunday April 7th, 6pm. Ancient Dreams
  2. Sunday April 7th, 7:15pm, Daniel 7 & Revelation 13  The truth of the Four Beasts and the Little Horn Power
  3. Monday April 8th, 6pm The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan
  4. Monday April 8th, 7:15pm Law and Grace
  5. Tuesday, April 9th, 6pm The Forgotten Commandment- The Sabbath
  6. Tuesday, April 9th, 7:15pm Thy Way O God is in the Sanctuary
  7. Wednesday, April 10th, 6pm The Hour of God's Judgement
  8. Wednesday, April 10th, 7:15 pm The Mark of the Beast
  9. Friday, April 12th, 6pm America in Prophecy
  10. Friday, April 12th, 7:15pm What happens when we Die.


White Rock Lake SDA Church

1000 Easton Road, Dallas, TX 75218


11. Sabbath, April 13th, 10:am pm. God’s Free Health Plan

12. Sabbath, April 13th, 11:15am The Soon Return of Jesus(Matthew 24)


13. Sabbath, April 13th, 2pm: The Born Again Experience (Baptism)

14.  Sabbath, April 13th, 4pm. Dr. Peter McCullough