The Way Home

Questions to ask yourself:


What were those mysterious thunders that John heard in Revelation 10 and what do they say to us today? This will be discussed in The Seven Thunders.
Why were we created and what part to do we play in the universe? This will be discussed in Our High Calling.
What happened to the mind of man when he sinned and what is the remedy Christ has for us? This will be discussed in The Mind Redeemed.
Christ is preparing a people to stand in these last days on earth, how will He finish the work? This will be discussed in The Fit Man.

Join us for The Way Home Series.


Below are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • Jun 16 - Friday 7pm “The Seven Thunders
  • Jun 17 -  Saturday  11:15 am “Our High Calling
  • Jun 17 -  Saturday   2pm “The Mind Redeemed
  • Jun 17 -  Saturday   3:15pm “The Fit Man
  • Jun 21 Wednesday 7pm “Prophecy of the Kingdoms
  • Jun 23 - Friday 7pm “The Kingdoms Revealed
  • Jun 24 -  Saturday  11:15am “Prophecy of the Messiah” Pt.1
  • Jun 24 -  Saturday   2pm “Prophecy of the Messiah” Pt.2
  • Jun 24 -  Saturday   3:15pm “The Little Horn
  • Jun 28 - Wednesday 7pm “The Other Beast
  • Jun 30 - Friday 7pm “The Creator Challenged
  • Jul 1 -  Saturday  11:15 am “Mark of the Beast
  • Jul 1 -  Saturday   2pm “God’s Special Sign
  • Jul 1 -  Saturday   3:15pm “The Battle at the End” Pt.1
  • Jul 5 - Wednesday 7pm - “The Battle at the End” Pt.2
  • Jul 7 - Friday 7pm “The Sanctuary Cleansed
  • Jul 8 -  Saturday   11:15am “Death, Resurrection & The 2nd Coming
  • Jul 8 -  Saturday   2pm “2nd Resurrection, Judgement & Hell
  • Jul 8 -  Saturday  3:15pm “The Testimony of Jesus

We look forward to meeting you!